Random excerpts from Brno Clojure Meetup

Last week, I was quite happy to attend (:brno Clojure) meetup. There were only five people including me. Nevertheless, we had a great time and covered a lot of topics. There was no main theme, just live free and spontaneous discussion about our experience with Clojure. We discussed following topics:
  • server-side template duct
    • easy-to-use template for getting started with Clojure web
    • how is it different from chestnut?
  • liskasys
    • Karel Miarka’s own project
    • Uses Datomic
  • Emacs/Spacemacs vs. Cursive
    • Spacemacs has lots of preconfigured plugins => easier to use
      than plain Emacs
  • Korma SQL
  • “Specs” for re-frame application state db
    • It can be better to not enforce using spec for app-db because the additional value is not so high and it can lead to tedious updates of spec whenever you add something to app-db
  • Usefulness of namespaced keywords
    • avoid conflicts: same keywords in different namespaces
  • Pitfalls of debugging CLJS
    • unclear error messages
    • hard to find root cause
  • Logging
    • log whole Clojure data structure instead of standard log
      • you can then process logs with clojure (search, filter, …)
  • Using Ansible for automatic deployment
  • Component reloaded workflow
    • figwheel-like experience on backend
  • Figwheel
    • re-load on save vs. reload explicitly (triggered by keyboard shortcut)
    • explicit reload gives us a better control
  • Ideas for next meetups
    • Applications / System showcases
      • demonstrate the apps we are working on
      • discussion, best practices
    • Coding dojo – we can work together on 4clojure problems or similar
    • Invite Pavel Tisnovsky
      to Brno Clojure meetup
I’m really looking forward to the next Brno Clojure meetup.
I’d be love to see more people there as well.

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