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Hi, my name is Juraj Martinka and I’m the author of Curious (Clojure) Programmer blog.
I’ve created this blog with following goals in my mind:

  • To Learn Clojure and ClojureScript by Example
  • To share my experience with other people who strive to find effective learning process

More specifically, I’d like to:

  • provide step-by-step tutorials with real-world examples ranging from most basic stuff to more complex Clojure/ClojureScript projects.
  • share with you many general learning & productivity tips
  • embrace functional programming techniques

About me

I’m a curious software developer with the passion for Learning, Self-improvement and Clean Code.
I’ve been coding (mostly) in Java since 2008, but I’ve been really interested in Clojure and ClojureScript recently.

Nowadays, I enjoy working full-time with Clojure on CodeScene (code/project analysis tool).

I’m also an organizer of Functional Programming Brno meetup.

You can find me online:

My Resume (PDF)