Clojure Tip of the Day Screencast

UPDATE: I decided to archive this screencast and focus on the new leaner version of it: Clojure Quips

This is the list of Clojure Tip of the Day screencast episodes.

You can find all episodes on YouTube:

Source code is in GitHub repository curiousprogrammer-net/clojure-tip-of-the-day.

List Of All Episodes

Episodes – links & details

Episode 9: Clojure Concurrency – Introduction

This is the first real episode in the Clojure Concurrency series.
It covers a lot of material: vars, atoms, refs, agents, futures, promises, delays, unified succession model, deref with timeout and a brief mention of other concurrency options. Lots of the topics will be covered in more detail in a separate episode.

Episode 8: Clojure Concurrency – Welcome

Episode 7: clj-refactor

Episode 6: How To Reload Multimethod Definition

Episode 5: Threading Macros: part 2 – some->, some->>, cond->, cond->>

Episode 4: Threading Macros: part 1 – thread-first, thread-last, thread-as

Episode 3: Threading Macros Tracing

Episode 2: Cider Enlighten Mode

Episode 1: Cider Debugger