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This is the list of my previous talks.

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Beyond Technical Debt: Unconventional techniques to uncover technical and social issues in your code

Slides (PDF):

* Traditional static code analysis tools (Sonar et al.) are notoriously bad at producing actionable insights (what does the “4000 years of accumulated technical debt” really mean?)
* CodeScene takes a different approach and focuses instead on how code evolves over time using a treasure trove we all posses – version control history.
* Come and meet CodeScene, a unique behavioral code analysis tool that looks for patterns in version control data to understand the history and evolution of a codebase: unraveling things like hotspots, change coupling between modules and interesting social aspects of the code.
* I’ll describe the ideas behind CodeScene, how it works and demonstrate the techniques on analyses of real projects.


CodeScene: Get Deep Insights into Your (Clojure) Code

I presented CodeScene, a revolutionary behavioral code analysis tool from Empear (the company I work for).

Youtube video (audio + slides):




Clojure: A Functional LISP for the JVM

A rather long presentation for Functional Programming Brno meetup. It was fun and my first public presentation for a bigger audience (~20 people).

Youtube video (audio + slides):